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Animal Attacks and your Employees

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Do any of your employees travel to client’s homes for business?  If they do, make sure they are aware of any pets the client may own.  Being attacked by a dog or other pet can be a terrible experience.  If your employee is attacked by a pet, hopefully he will know what to do.  You can give some basic training before your employees venture out regarding pet avoidance and first aid if an attack happens.

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Intentional Loss

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You have heard all the stories about people setting fire to their homes just to get the insurance money.  There are tales of people intentionally leaving windows open during a storm so that they can collect money from their policy after the wind damages their couches.  It all sounds like something out of a comedy movie, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, it does happen in real life.  The bad news is, in real life it’s not as funny as it is in the movies.  In real life most of those people get caught.

Smoking at the Workplace

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Since 2003, smoking in Florida’s workplaces including public buildings
and restaurants has been banned. This has reduced the amount of
second-hand smoke that is breathed in by non-smokers and helped to
improve the air quality inside buildings. Wonderful.

Landscaping Your Tampa Home

Category: Blog

You’ve decided that your Tampa home needs an outdoor make-over and would love to hire a landscaper to re-do the entire area. One problem: Landscapers cost money that you may not have. Don’t fret. Landscaping your own property isn’t as hard as you think. All you need is a plan, some plants and the ability to dig in the dirt.

Keeping Your Employees From Losing Their Cool

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Keeping your office cool during summer months is tough. Keeping
ANYthing cool in the summer is tough, let’s be honest. When the heat
rises, it seems that people’s tempers may start to soar as well. Take
the heat into account before flying off the handle at employees. If
your office’s air conditioning unit is struggling to keep the office
cool throughout the day, try following these tips to keep everyone’s
temperature (and temper) from going through the roof.

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Going On Vacation

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Going on a summer vacation is a lot of fun. It might mean a few extra
hours of sleep or having a few meals that weren’t home cooked at a nice
hotel restaurant. No matter what vacation means to you, make sure you
protect your Tampa home. Insurance specialists recommend taking a few
safety precautions before leaving your home for vacation. Burglaries
happen most often when they know you will not be home.

Insuring Your Florida Business

Category: Blog

Your Florida business needs to have insurance. That is the bottom line. Florida business insurance
will cover you for a myriad of unforeseen damages that could happen.
All businesses are different and need to have specific insurance to suit
their needs. For example: If you own an exotic pet shop, your
insurance will be different than if you owned a T-shirt shop.

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Claims For Personal Items

Category: Blog

Do you know what your Tampa home insurance covers
for you? You may have some items that are covered that you didn’t know
about. You might think that the items in your home are covered only if
they are at home. Did you know that they are covered if you bring them
out of your home, too?

Business Insurance Importance

Category: Blog

What is the most important aspect of your Florida business insurance? That all depends on what you think is important for your business itself. Any type of business should have a proper business insurance policy in effect at all times. There are some portions that are required by law. Other parts are optional, but may be just as important in times when accidents happen.

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